Design Your Powers Of Attorney

A financial power of attorney allows someone you designate to make financial transactions on your behalf. This can be useful if you are incapacitated or for any reason unable to take care of your own affairs. The person with power of attorney can manage your bank accounts, buy and sell your property and otherwise take care of your business when you are unable to.

Riddle Law Group, LLC, In Marietta, Is A Valuable Estate Planning Resource

When you are creating a comprehensive estate plan, you will want to talk to your lawyer about whether powers of attorney are desirable for your unique circumstances. Riddle Law Group, LLC, in Marietta, Georgia, is available to help you make these decisions. This law practice is focused solely on estate planning and probate. Our experience can work for you.

I am M. Andrew Riddle, the lawyer and the head of this law firm. My in-depth knowledge and my readiness to listen to you are reasons to say "yes" to a free consultation at Riddle Law Group, LLC. I can advise you on all aspects of estate planning and draft the powers of attorney that will meet your objectives. If you have no trusted family member to name in this role, you may choose a church, a pastor or a financial institution to handle your affairs in case you are disabled.

Is A Power Of Attorney Right For You? If So, Which Variety?

Upon reflection of your needs and options, you may decide a general power of attorney is not right for you. You may choose a springing power of attorney that only takes effect under particular conditions that you spell out in the document. Or you may choose to grant only a healthcare power of attorney.

I Am M. Andrew Riddle, Offering A Free Initial Consultation On Estate Planning Matters

At Riddle Law Group, LLC, we cater to individual needs and deliver customized estate planning solutions such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advance directives. Contact the law firm at 770-884-6283 or 877-776-6510 toll free to request a free initial consultation.