Cover Your Bases With A Health Care Directive

Who will watch out for your well-being if you are someday unable to speak for yourself? How will your family caregivers know what your choices would be in a crisis? Critical decisions someday might require urgent answers to questions like these:

  • If you are in a medical crisis, do you want medical personnel to use invasive, aggressive lifesaving measures? Or do you prefer to let nature take its course?
  • If doctors say your survival is at risk, do you want to be intubated or nourished through a feeding tube?
  • Do you accept the idea of a blood transfusion if doctors deem it necessary?
  • Do you want to remain on life support if it is your own chance of survival?

Pondering these questions may make you uncomfortable but an exploratory conversation with an estate planning lawyer can help you understand your legal options. A health care directive can reduce or eliminate guesswork and even family disputes in case you are in a medical crisis and unable to speak for yourself.

Riddle Law Group, LLC, in Marietta, Georgia, is available to help you explore your estate planning options. I, M. Andrew Riddle, lead this law firm with a passion for serving my clients. Estate planning and probate make up this entire law practice. I welcome the chance to discuss your estate planning options such as powers of attorney and a health care directive.

A health care directive can complete your estate plan to encompass all contingencies, including the possibility of a medical crisis. We all hope our loved ones never need to use a document of this type. Nonetheless, it can offer peace of mind as you contemplate life's "What ifs?" Creating a health care directive in advance of the need gives you the opportunity to have a say in your own medical treatment choices before it is ever needed.

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