Estate Tax Planning

Those who have worked hard to provide for their families and give back to their communities have concerns about how the tax code will affect their estates. The Riddle Law Group, LLC, provides professional, experienced counsel on estate tax planning for clients in Marietta, East Cobb, Roswell and Alpharetta. As a part of our overall estate planning services, we strive to help clients maximize their asset protection through thoughtful and efficient planning.

Personalized Guidance In Estate Tax Planning

Many people wish to see their assets used to provide for the next generation, the business they created or the ongoing support of charitable organizations important to them. As the largest tax within the U.S. tax code, however, estate taxes can significantly affect the ability to leave your desired legacy.

Marietta estate tax planning attorney Andrew Riddle helps clients protect their hard-earned assets and wealth for intended beneficiaries, whether family members, businesses or other organizations. He reviews each estate in detail first and collaborates with clients to establish various trusts and other estate tax planning solutions tailored to their particular goals.

Life insurance policies designed to cover estate taxes must meet specific IRS requirements or their proceeds will be taxed, thus compromising the purpose of owning them. If you have such a life insurance policy, our Georgia lawyers can help you determine whether additional steps may be needed to ensure these requirements are met.

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Tax planning often plays a key role in estate planning. The Riddle Law Group provides thoughtful, customized counsel and fair pricing to help clients achieve this objective. Contact us by email or by calling 770-884-6283 or 877-776-6510 toll free today for a free initial consultation.