Five Reasons You Should Plan Your Estate

Why should you care about estate planning, especially when you are young and healthy? Many people put off this important responsibility. It is not easy or common in our culture to think about or talk about death. At Riddle Law Group, LLC, we consider estate planning to be about life:

  • Your decisions and desires
  • Your health and peace of mind
  • Your assets and legacy
  • Your family or favorite charity

I am M. Andrew Riddle, the lawyer and the head of this law firm. I would like to share five key reasons it is worth your time to put your estate plan in place without delay.

One: When you plan your estate, you will be exercising your legal rights to make your wishes known in advance about the disposition of your accounts and personal property someday. You will not leave those decisions to the state. Without a will in place, the state will distribute your assets according to impersonal laws. Your own testamentary documents are a continuation of your legacy begun during your lifetime.

Two: If you have minor children, an estate plan allows you to specify who will be their guardian in case something happens to you before they come of age. While your designation of a guardian is not a guarantee of what will happen, it holds great power in the court. Even after death, you can protect your children's future through your expressed wishes for their care in case of the unexpected.

Three: You have the opportunity to simplify the burdens your family will face when you pass away. Estate planning documents such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney are some of the greatest bargains around when you take into account their potential impact. Your designated executor (personal representative) will have a much smoother experience handling your affairs with the proper tools in place.

Four: Powers of attorney and a health care directive will allow your designated agents to make decisions for you and carry on your business on your behalf. Your health care agent will have the power to instruct doctors about your medical care. The person named in your durable power of attorney will be able to pay your bills, buy and sell things on your behalf and otherwise conduct the business of your life if you are unable to. What will become of your property and other affairs if you become incapacitated? What about medical decisions if a time comes when you cannot express your wishes? Through comprehensive estate planning, you can have a say answering these crucial questions about your life and property.

Five: You can get creative to accomplish your unique legacy goals with experienced legal guidance. In estate planning, we say "the sky is the limit." A living trust can maximize your say over your assets during your lifetime and afterward. You can provide direction for your own health care and management of your financial affairs in case you are incapacitated. You can designate charitable gifts and other special bequests. You can put tools in place to allow your family members the flexibility they will need to resolve your estate efficiently.

Explore Your Own Reasons And Priorities In Estate Planning

At Riddle Law Group, LLC, in Marietta, Georgia, we are here to serve you. I, attorney M. Andrew Riddle, welcome the opportunity to help you explore your estate planning goals and priorities. Call 877-776-6510 or send an email to schedule a free consultation.