Lawyers For Wills, Trusts And Probate

No matter the size of your estate, having a will is essential. Your will guides the court and your beneficiaries on how you would like your assets to be distributed once you have passed. It will also nominate your executors and name trustees and guardians for your minor children.

At the Riddle Law Group, LLC, we assist clients in all aspects of estate planning and wills. I am attorney Andrew Riddle, an experienced attorney in Marietta heading this law firm. I am committed to combining careful guidance with fair pricing to ensure your most important assets are protected.

Protecting Your Most Important Assets

While it may be tempting to forgo formal legal counsel when drafting a will, wills that do not comply with Georgia's probate laws may not be considered valid during probate administration. As your lawyer, I will review your situation in detail and advise you accordingly. I can help you create a will that conforms to the law and accomplishes your unique goals.

I handle all estate planning services on a flat fee basis, and all costs are discussed in detail and upfront with you so there will be no surprises.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Your estate may call for more than just a will. I can help you plan your estate effectively, incorporating trusts, advance health care directives and other legal solutions as needed to help you achieve your goals. I am also happy to review any existing documentation you may have, as well to ensure its conformity with Georgia laws.